the new knowledge of nails

The new knowledge of nails

In general it takes approximately 4 months for a fingernail and about 6 months for a toenail to replace itself completely. Nails are thickened extensions of the top layer of the skin. Nails are made of a protein called keratin just like hair.

To grow and improve on healthy nails, healthy nails grow from the root of the nail, growing gently with a gentle curve tightly adhering to the skin, growing healthy and durable to the tip of the nail. It is important.

The nail that grew healthily is tightened not only to the nail but also to the shape of the finger, and the daily life can be sent with confidence full of fingertips.

reading english about kaina nails product

about kaina nail product

kaina is professional nail care products for keep your healthy nails. It was created based on a wealth of knowledge and experience of BAJA NAIL a nail salon specializing in nail care, trying to improve nail problems for 24 years.


We propose a method to take good care of nails for 24 years. Our method is also used for professional musicians and guitarists both at home and abroad.

Recommend to you

It is not nature or advance aging that nails are damaged. It is being damaged by nails from the habit of daily life and the influence of injuries. If you want to become a healthy nail without you’re depending on a gel nail and the superglue. I recommend that you use kaina.

The daily life

The nail that grew healthily is tightened not only to the nail but also to the shape of the finger, and the daily life can be sent with confidence full of fingertips.

kaina nail care

BASE COAT - The Guitarist

It is an oxygen permeable nail basecoat that permeates oxygen. This product was collaborated with Mr. Jin Oki, a professional guitarist of flamenco who is active in domestic and overseas.

The friction generated on the surface of the nail causes drying, so it is possible to prevent cracking of the nails. You can protect and reinforce nails without burdening the nails. If you want your nails to have strength, please use kaina nail treatment to make your nails strong.

It is a color close to pinky nail with a matte finish. People who feel a sense of oppression in manicure can also be used without discomfort. There is no need to rely on adhesives or gel nails. Dry in 1 minute quickly. Easy to remove nail polish.

NAIL TREATMENT - Day Cream & Night Gel

This is a nail moisturizer selected for the growth of healthy and durable nails. It was developed jointly with a long-established nature cosmetic company and nail treatment salon with 24 years’ experience.

This is considered for safety to the skin and the environment. It is mainly plant-derived ingredients. Therefore, it can prompt the growth of nails healthily.

This is suitable for improvement of nails,maintenance of nail health, strengthening etc. → Hangnails, Onychatrophia or Atrophy of the nail,Onychauxis, Onychocryptosis or Ingrown nail, Bitten nails or Onychophagy、Onychorrhexis, Onychomycosis, Onycholysis, Chronic Paronychia

In regard to scent, please enjoy the natural flagrance of various plants essential oil, centering on Yuzu (species of aromatic Asiatic citron). With the main focus on Yuzu the national healing fragrance of ‘kaina’ is made from blends of rosemary, geranium, Italian cypress.

Brush type nail oil treatment that directly touches the skin may infect bacteria attached to brush and cause trouble on nails and skin. This is not a thing of a brush type repeatedly touching the skin, it has become a multiple structure of a thin tube sticking to hygiene aspect.

The tube type is easy to use, it will not crack or drop off the container, so it is very convenient to carry. We believe that having the nail product which you can use easily, sustainably, every day and anywhere is the first step for the proper moisturizing method.

The scent of kaina will make you relaxed. Once you start using kaina, you won't be able to go back to using anything else.

DAY CREAM(orange color)

DAY CREAM is a nail moisturizer for the daytime, including office work hours when the skin tends to lose its natural oils.

Before and after PC operations while treating paper documents, if you put a cream on your fingers, these will inevitably be sticky, and you will end up neglecting to moisturize them. (Additionally, ‘kaina’ night gel cream can also be used during the day.)

NIGHT GEL(purple color)

NIGHT GEL to thoroughly moisturize while relaxing at home before going to bed. In winter, many people use ‘kaina’ night gel cream during daytime.

kaina producer is Naomi Homma

Greetings from producer

Hi, my name is Naomi Homma and I am the owner of this salon BAJA NAIL&SCHOOL. Fortunately, since its release we have steadily received positive feedback from our customers who realized the effects. I'm glad I could be of any help to keep your nails strong and healthy through our product kaina.

kaina has been created based on customer feedback and a wealth of experience of our nail salon, specialized in natural finger nails improvement for more than 24 years. I believe that you can realize the ease of use and effectiveness if you will continue to utilize kaina for a long time.

If you have any questions or consultation about nail troubles, we will do counseling and treatment according to the condition, so please consult by all means.

BAJA NAIL and SCHOOL at Tokyo,Japan

About BAJA NAIL&SCHOOL (since 1994)

As for BAJA NAIL&SCHOOL who produced kaina, more than 40,000 customers have done nail improvements so far. Based on these experiences, I have created kaina. We are an expert on nail improvement, and we have taken up many TV programs and magazines as well.

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